Namibia Part 6: Leaving Swakopmund

Before leaving Swakopmund, and after an approximately 2 minute training session, I did some desert quad biking. Admittedly I shouldn't have been taking photos while driving! Quad-biking on sand dunes was so much fun, especially accelerating really fast before curving up and around the dune surface! It's also quite dangerous as a tumble can result... Continue Reading →

Namibia Part 1: Vastness and space

Namibia is a large country. From South Africa, you enter Namibia surrounded by desert. It is one of the least densely populated countries on Earth. There was something really special about watching the desert landscape rush past. Our bus had technical problems along the way! We visited the Fish River Canyon which is claimed to... Continue Reading →

Five Peaks Hike, Zambia

Although Zambia is not known for mountainous treks, some nice hikes can still be had! These are photos from some short hikes we did on some hills in the Eastern province. Villages and towns in the background. One of the trips involved climbing a hill near Katete, then travelling along the ridge across four more... Continue Reading →

Walk to the Baobab tree

One of my favourite things to do is to go for a stroll to the Baobab tree which is a few minutes' walk along one of the roads leading from the hospital. Apparently, these trees can live over 1000 years! Riding past the Baobab tree. The tree looks particularly nice at sunset, when the tree's... Continue Reading →

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