Namibia Part 5: Swakopmund and Sand Boarding

Swakopmund was founded by colonial Germany in 1892 for its location and became in an important port. I loved being near the ocean and desert at the same time.

Plenty of souvenirs to buy!

The jetty was a cool place to hang out.

The German history could be felt in seeing the German businesses, cafes and restaurants. It was good, after all that camping, to have a good coffee and connect with friends and family over wifi.

Exploring the town in the evening.

Immersing in the local culture over dinner.

The next day we broke up to do various activities. I chose sand boarding at the nearby desert dunes.

Getting to the top of the dune was a real effort!

You have to apply an oil each time to reduce friction.

The descent felt surprisingly easy, fast and safe – if you fall, you just fall onto soft sand. The main downside is that it took so much longer to get back up!

We then did body boarding which was incredibly fun, and super fast!

Afterwards we had a well-earned lunch.

Back in town I went back to the same cafe to have a coffee, and contact people I missed very much back home.

It was fun hanging out at the jetty in the evening before we had dinner at a great German seafood restaurant by the water (I think it was called The Tug). I loved Swakopmund!

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