Namibia Part 4: The Road to Swakopmund

After the scorching heat of Sossusvlei, we hit the road again. I loved driving through the desert.

We stopped by at Sesriem Canyon, one of a number in the area.

Despite the heat, to our surprise, we found water deep in the canyon, and frogs!

On the road again, we began to see Zebras and other wild life, which wasn’t exactly what I was expecting in this hot climate.

When we arrived at our next campsite, I wandered off to see another beautiful desert sunset.

You eventually cross the Tropic of Capricorn, which is the southernmost point (line) where the sun can be seen directly overhead (in December).

We broke down along the way in the middle of the desert – but nothing our dependable guides couldn’t handle! And soon we were back on the road (we were just a little concerned!).

Little oases of green vegetation littered the otherwise harsh terrain.

The desert extended all the way to the coast, which we eventually reached, where the colonial town of Swakopmund (German for ‘Mouth of the Swakop’) was situated. The air turned much cooler and the first thing we did there was visit the beautiful (if you can look past their creepy eyes) flamingos.

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