Cape Town and western South Africa

Sitting at home during COVID-19 pandemic is a good time to whip out my travel photos from end of last year. After leaving Zambia I travelled to South Africa.

South Africa is fascinating. It’s a country of contrasts: of different cultures, ethnicities and of disparity; it is home to some of the most violent places on earth, and the most heavenly. Here are some photos from our small trip there.

Driving in to town from the airport, trying to get a view of Table Mountain which was covered by cloud, while the taxi driver told me about the challenges South Africa faces, including penalties for young people involved in minor crimes that serves to lock them into a life of further crime (e.g. petty crimes that are penalised by barring people from many categories of unskilled work, thus tempting them to more crime) and the problems of government corruption.

We stayed at a charming hostel called Once in Capetown, where there was great coffee and some time to do some photo processing.

That we night we explored town which had some great restaurants.

The next day the weather was clearer as we left Cape Town and headed north along the coast.

Stopping by the sea after leaving Cape Town, heading north along the coast.

We stopped by !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre where we learnt about the fascinating language and culture of the San people.

We got to see Cape Weavers and their cozy homes.

And try the local tea.

Before heading back to our trusty G Adventures bus.

I really loved the South African landscape…

It was good going until we got to the gorgeous Cederberg area, at the farm where we camped and had an amazing dinner by a stone fireplace.


It was sad to say good bye to this place!

Our next campsite was along the Orange River, the other side of which begins Namibia.
Spaghetti by campfire.
Canoeing along the Orange River. Fortunately there are no crocs this far south!

After this great little exercise, we crossed into Namibia, one of the funnest (and hottest) countries I’ve visited.

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