Almost a year in Zambia – in pictures (Part 4)

Things to do

Plant some seeds and watch them grow.
Grow your own vegetables.
And cook them!
Watch the sunset on a hill.
Admire the local bugs (while someone else holds it).
Let Benson cook you a delicious Chewa meal.

Attend local neighbourhood invites!
Visit the markets and try the local delicacies…or not.
Explore the garden.
Play some games when the electricity is out.
Go for a jog and see…cattle!
Watch the occasional local join in the jog…in sandles!
And you can’t keep up! So fit!
Read some books.
Buy a painting from locals.
And say hello to the feral locals.
Smile at the hilariously-named stores.
See how things have changed over the years. This building housed the Cairns family, who worked for decades to improve the hospital. It was demolished after major termite problems.
See how people have changed over the years (this is Benson in the photo above!).
Meditate at work.
Watch movies in the dark, from Finding Dory to Harry Potter!
Keep up your hobbies.
Admire the stars in the cold dry season when electricity is out, thinking of family and friends back home.
Make some great friends from around the world, and have a dinner by candlelight when the electricity is out at “the mess”, sharing stories, and knowing you will come to miss it all one day 🙂

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