Almost a year in Zambia – in pictures (Part 1)

When we first arrived to the capital, my friend and I were picked up by Chamvu, one of the hospital drivers, and his two children.
It was rainy season, and it would rain and clear several times over the next few hours!
The strangeness of the place brought with it a sense of excitement!
Saint Francis Hospital, a charming little place tucked away from the Great East Road in Eastern Zambia. In it you saw the miracle of life and the sadness of death, in the daily struggle to provide quality health care in a resource-poor setting.
The wet season posed a challenge at work as you sometimes found yourself trapped in one building till the pouring stopped.
And it’s not wise to go to town without an umbrella.
But the wet season also brings with it lots of weird and wonderful animals.
Including at work!
Sometimes giving you a fright! This mosquito seems to have red blood cells in its gut, perhaps from a recent blood meal from someone in the lab!
The hospital was surrounded by fields which grew green and lush in the wet season.
The red glow of evening was always a special time.
Fields surrounding the hospital.
There were several dirt roads to choose from around the hospital, which make for a pleasant evening walk.
And we often did go out to watch another sun set beyond these fields and villages, where distant stories were unfolding; stories of simple living, of subsistence communities waiting for the rains, of fun times and hardship, and of health and disease – sometimes necessitating a journey across the plains to seek help at the hospital.

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