Five Peaks Hike, Zambia

Although Zambia is not known for mountainous treks, some nice hikes can still be had! These are photos from some short hikes we did on some hills in the Eastern province.

Villages and towns in the background.

One of the trips involved climbing a hill near Katete, then travelling along the ridge across four more hill-peaks until the end; imaginatively names the 5 Peaks walk by expats.

A feral-looking but cute dog joined us at the base of the hill and followed us the whole way. I named her Betty.
There were some nice plants to see.
And some pretty cool trees.
Though not super-high, the scenery was pleasant.
Plenty of moss up here.
Strange mushroom-like plant.
Moving on to the next peak.
Walking along the ridges was pretty cool with views on both sides.
Betty kept up with us the whole way. When we got to the other end of the hike and onto a dirt road, she decided to chase a motorbike and bite the rider on the ankle! Once he found out she was not our dog, he proceeded to the bushes and broke off a massive branch. We had to work hard to convince him not to kill her! We had to leave her in that area though. Good bye Betty!
On the way down we found this guy on the road with his head sticking out! However, throwing some stones on him showed that he was actually not alive! Possibly run over by a car?
Fields at the bottom.
Village at the bottom of the hill.
Local school girls wanted to chat and take photos after our first hike.
Zambians are very cheeky and will take any opportunity for a laugh.
Case in point – my car when we got back :p
On a totally side note, these chicks were stuck in the water channel trying to get back to mum. Animals roam around quite commonly in the villages, seemingly lost, but the villagers know what belongs to whom.

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